Leather Cigarette Cases

Handmade in Lakeland, Fl

Handmade Cigarette Cases

Our leather cases are made to hold 100mm. cigarettes. They are cut from full grain cowhide and are tooled, dyed and laced by hand. You may purchase a case with a lighter pouch on the back. This pouch is riveted in place and holds a bic lighter. This is one of our vintage patterns from the 70's. Our cases are beautiful and made to last!

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Handmade Leather Cigarette Case Brown with Dragonflies and Lighter Holder

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We have just added this design with dragonflies after a customer made a request for this case. I have stamped a dragonfly with vine and a few flowers on the front corner and also on the closure strap. I then dyed the entire case brown and painted the dragon fly in blue and green metallic. The leaves are dark green and flowers white with yellow center. This case is made to hold 100mm cigarettes and it comes with a bic lighter holder riveted to the back.