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The Start of Custom LeatherCraft


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About Us

In the Beginning:

Our Mom & Pop leather crafting business was born in the garage of our home over 30 years ago following the purchase of a Tandy Leatherworking Kit. Both partners were instantly hooked on this wonderful medium. As soon as we had a few completed projects, we had friends and family asking for a belt, bag etc. We soon packed up our wares and tried our hand at selling at local craft shows. This was successful for the most part so we broadened our horizons and began selling at events outside of Florida, especially Pa., so we could also visit our children's grandparents. Our skills and knowledge of the craft business developed over the next 20 years but always remained a secondary undertaking to day jobs, child rearing, kids' sports, etc. Sadly, Glenn Cortelyou, one of the two owners died in 1998 after short illness. The family has been determined to continue the business and the legacy of producing fine handcrafted leather products. Today, their son and daughter in law have their own leather business. Letty has remarried. She and her partner decided to take the plunge and pursue the business on a fulltime basis. Now or never!

The Growing Years:

The above decision proved to be a good one. With more time to travel and devote to the leather business, we have improved our product and grown –a little. We are still a two person company and we are truly a home based business. Our workshop was built in 2006 in our back yard. We walk from the back door of the house into our shop. We have increased our inventory by adding a few pieces of equipment whose use speeds production but does not impact the appearance or quality of the finished product. We have gradually transitioned the original name of Custom Leathercraft to "Nothing Like Leather". This phrase was brought to our attention by Jack Roush, Letty's Dad. He found it in a volume of interesting quotes. After reading of its origin, we felt it was catchy and a good fit for our business.

Where we're going:

At our craft events, customers always inquire about a website where they can view and purchase our products on the internet. We think this site is an essential "next step" in our continued growth and in our effort to reach our customers and supply them with the fine handcrafted leather goods from "Nothing Like Leather