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Handmade Adult Belts

OVERVIEW:  Handmade leather belts have been one of our best sellers since we started our business.
There is nothing more useful and sturdy than a good leather belt. Our 1.5’ belts are made from full grain cowhide-which means they are cut from one piece of leather.  They are are cut, designed, dyed and finished by us.  Each belt comes with a metal utility buckle which is held in place by a double set of durable snaps.
You can remove the buckle if you wish and add a trophy style buckle.  Most of our belts are designed with a space on the back where a name can added. If you want your belt personalized, there is no  extra charge for the name. Take a look at the designs we offer and  read the information at the bottom of the page regarding sizing.



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Handmade Leather Belt - 1.5" Antique Dogwood

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Antique Dogwood: The floral design on this belt is one of our originals from the 70s. The belt is hand tooled with the dogwood pattern, then dyed saddle tan. A black antique finish highlights the edges of the flowers and greenery. Our antique dogwood belt has beautiful natural look that will complete your outfit.
with style.
This belt comes with a utility buckle and a name or initials can be added to the middle of the back of the belt



To determine your  size for your Nothing Like Leather belt, please read the following information carefully after looking at our photo.  Stretch out another  belt you own, and lay it flat. Using a measuring tape, Measure  from the  BELT  FOLD to the hole in which you wear your belt (you will be able to tell by the Crease). Do not include the buckle in your measuring, do not add extra for overhang. Do measure a belt that fits where you want to wear your new belt-usually on the hip. The correct size is VERY important. If you have questions call or email us. Remember, we cannot be responsible  for inaccurate sizing, especially if the belt is personalized