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Handmade Leather Belts

There is nothing more sturdy and useful than a handmade leather belt. Ours are hand cut from full grain cowhide which means they are made from one piece of leather. Click on the picture to look at the designs we are offering in the 1.5" width. (Click on Picture to go to Belts)




Handmade Leather Purses

These tooled leather bags are one of our most retro items. All are hand tooled which means that each purse will have a slightly different appearance. The purses are lovingly made one by one-keep watching for new designs.

(Click on pictures to go to Purses).



daisy medium saddle



Handmade Leather Stick Barrettes

Our handmade leather stick barrettes are straight from the 70s! We offer large and small sizes and many design choices.

(Click on the picture to take you to our Barrettes.)


Large Leather BarrettesSmall Leather Barrettes



Handmade Leather Cigarette Cases

Each can be ordered with or without a Bic lighter holder on the back.

(Click on the picture to see all of our cigarette cases.)


Daisy Cigarette Case Cigarette Case Lighter Holder

Leather Magnetic Money Clips

Handmade magnetic money clips-a popular item for men at all our craft events. These are full grain cowhide like all our items and we offer many design choices. Please browse through our handmade leather money clips.


money clips

Handmade Leather Kids Belts


Real leather belts for children are hard to find! Our designs are chosen with kids in mind-and our belts are just right to wear with small size jeans. (Click on the picture to look at the designs we are offering.)


Kids Belts





Handmade Leather Wallets.


These tri-fold and trucker style wallets are perfect if you are looking for sturdy construction. (Click on the pictures to take a look at our design choices.)





Handmade Ladies Clutch Wallets

Women's clutch style wallets made of soft cowhide. (Click on the pictures to take a look our clutch wallets.)






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